SawNet maintains a fully redundant network loop with triple fiber optic connections to multiple Internet backbones. If one connection goes down or becomes congested, the routers direct the traffic through the other circuit (Cisco routers using BGP4 protocol).

SawNet offers the following services with a focus on high quality with a local touch:

  • Business and Residential Fixed Wireless Networks
  • Commercial and Carrier Fiber-Optic Networks in Rural Communities
  • High Speed connectivity for Small/Medium Business
  • Private Networks for Medium/Large Business
  • Server Co-location on high speed fiber-optics


SawNet closely works with the Northwest Open Access Network (NoaNet), a mutual non-profit corporation in the State of Washington that has licensed fiber optic cables from the Bonneville Power Administration. This service, designed for the rural areas, provides broadband access (100Mbps+) to fiber optics along a 2100 mile loop passing through rural Washington, Idaho, Montana and Oregon States.

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